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Brad Jarvis

Bradley Jarvis has been writing creatively for more than four decades, and professionally as a technical writer for nearly half that time. He has a science background which he applied as a test engineer in several industries, as an educational consultant, and as a non-profit advocate of space science and exploration.

He finished his first novel Lights Out in 2009 based on another application of his background: independent research into the relationship of people's actions and values on the long-term survivability of our species. His second book Death Stoppers Anthology is a sampling of writing up to 2014, including short fiction, poetry, essays from his large collection of blog posts, and a memoir that chronicles the evolution of his interest in the future.

As a fan of orchestral soundtracks, he taught himself how to create his own, and published his first album based on scenes in Lights Out. Personal experience with the death of loved ones inspired another album, Final Solace, and a related short story that was included in Death Stoppers Anthology (which also led to a music album).

Most of his efforts are now focused on dealing intellectually and creatively with results from the latest iteration of the research, made urgent by growing confirmation of their most dire aspects by recent events.

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